We effectively and reliably fill
2-component Peeler cartridges with
different mixing ratios.

Fully automated filling and
assembling of materials, ranging from low
to high viscosities, into bottles,
cans, canisters, jars, or pails.

We fill sausages in almost all
variations, foil thicknesses, and
formats with powerful plants.

With reliability and maximum precision,
Lohnpack fills and assembles
TAH-universal (u-TAH) cartridges with
mixing ratios 1:1 and 2:1.

Lohnpack effectively fills and
assembles 1- or 2-component cartridges
made of aluminum or plastic.

We assemble 2-component
cartridges with powerful plants.

Filling tubes with Lohnpack always
pays off, whether the tubes are made
of aluminum, plastic, or laminate.


Filling, packaging, or fully automated assembling – Lohnpack sets the benchmark.

Packaging services are a matter of trust. After all, we do work for our customers and often, in their name. At Lohnpack, it goes without saying that supplied ingredients and materials are stored and processed carefully. Fulfilling the given criteria and specifications safely and reliably is also critical because ultimately, high product quality will require high packaging quality.

Choosing Lohnpack will assure you of having all jobs executed reliably, with proven quality, and in time. Find out more about our range of services here.