We effectively and reliably fill
2-component Peeler cartridges with
different mixing ratios.

Fully automated filling and
assembling of materials, ranging from low
to high viscosities, into bottles,
cans, canisters, jars, or pails.

We fill sausages in almost all
variations, foil thicknesses, and
formats with powerful plants.

With reliability and maximum precision,
Lohnpack fills and assembles
TAH-universal (u-TAH) cartridges with
mixing ratios 1:1 and 2:1.

Lohnpack effectively fills and
assembles 1- or 2-component cartridges
made of aluminum or plastic.

We assemble 2-component
cartridges with powerful plants.

Filling tubes with Lohnpack always
pays off, whether the tubes are made
of aluminum, plastic, or laminate.

Contract filling and packaging with secured quality.

Whether tubes, pouches, cartridges, bottles or glass ampoules: Packaging services are always a question of quality. Depending on the industry of the client, it is necessary to fulfill prescribed quality standards, mandatory norms, and regulations.

Whether manual assembly and packaging or fully automated assembly – efficient contract packaging can only be in conjunction with controlled and guaranteed quality. This applies to any form of packaging such as cartridges, bottles, cans, canisters, pouches, tubes, glass ampoules, sausages, and especially to SBS filling, u-TAH filling, Coaxial filling, and Peeler filling.

This is why, also in regards to quality assurance and certification, Lohnpack is among the leading companies in packaging, filling, and assembling.