Integrated management systems

Our worldwide operating customers expect us to combine productivity and efficiency with quality, security, and sustainability. To secure our top position in packaging, filling, and assembling, we have different integrated management systems in place.

Lohnpack meets the requirements of its integrated management systems masterfully. Certificates and approvals document that all work steps are executed properly, thus securing the outstanding quality of Lohnpack. By doing so, we save resources and use synergies sensibly.

In regards to transparency and efficiency, Lohnpack sets standards with its firmly established integrated management systems. All customers profit from this functional system that is apparent all through the company.

The integrated management systems at Lohnpack include:

As a company experienced in filling, packaging, and assembling, we understand that protecting the health of our employees is extremely important. In order to avoid the hazards associated with the solid, pasty, viscous, and liquid materials we handle every day, we provide our employees with regular and continuous training. Procedures are in place to ensure strict compliance with health and safety regulations. Safety instructions provided by our customers and suppliers are integrated into this system.