We effectively and reliably fill
2-component Peeler cartridges with
different mixing ratios.

Fully automated filling and
assembling of materials, ranging from low
to high viscosities, into bottles,
cans, canisters, jars, or pails.

We fill sausages in almost all
variations, foil thicknesses, and
formats with powerful plants.

With reliability and maximum precision,
Lohnpack fills and assembles
TAH-universal (u-TAH) cartridges with
mixing ratios 1:1 and 2:1.

Lohnpack effectively fills and
assembles 1- or 2-component cartridges
made of aluminum or plastic.

We assemble 2-component
cartridges with powerful plants.

Filling tubes with Lohnpack always
pays off, whether the tubes are made
of aluminum, plastic, or laminate.

Quality assurance at Lohnpack

Premium contract filling with best quality at Lohnpack starts with the inspection of incoming goods.

All packaging and filling materials procured by Lohnpack undergo a strict incoming goods control. In the case of packaging, testing is conducted according to the relevant defect evaluation lists as well as generally accepted norms and standards or requirements that are defined by the customer depending on the respective application.

Before being used in production, all components of an order have to be tested and approved by the quality assurance department.

Upon customer request, customer-supplied filling material can undergo an incoming goods inspection, too.

Quality Control – Monitoring of the Product.

The prepackaging ordinance stipulates that for all bottled products, the filling quantity must be constantly controlled. A weighing software integrated in the intranet enables reliable as well as efficient quality control and monitoring of the weighing terminals being used in production. The weighing logs created for each article can of course be provided for perusal.

X-ray Control.

For moisture-reactive filling materials, airless filling is of high importance. We employ state-of-the-art x-ray technology to detect any air pockets. Being a leading company in contract packing, Lohnpack has several plants at command that allow for constant control during the machine adjustment process.

In case 100%-inline-control is requested, Lohnpack has a pass-through x-ray-scanner on hand. The cartridges are x-rayed while in a recumbent position. This plant quickly and reliably recognizes air pockets in highly viscous materials with a high bulking agent percentage.

Of course, the plant-setups get adjusted to meet exactly the requirements of the filling material and the form of the cartridges and be integrated in an efficient packing process. The detection limit for air pockets is below 2 mm.

Furthermore, the packaging experts of Lohnpack employ a cabin plant which screens the samples selected for quality assurance while standing. This procedure is necessary for reliable quality assurance, especially when filling and packing fluid material. The samples get moved in space and spun in the x-ray so that the exact position of any air pocket is determined accurately.

x-ray pictures
x-ray pictures

Lohnpack employs the following laboratory equipment to assure its outstanding quality:

  • Cartridge testing device
  • Force measurement device
  • Brookfield viscometer/viscosimeter
  • Titrator
  • Different devices for testing aluminum tubes
  • Microscope
  • Halogenous dryer
  • Refractometer
Tube testing device
Tube testing device

Lohnpack ensures that quality filling and assembly take place by applying the following test procedures:

  • Snap time examination
  • Measuring the specific weight of adhesives and sealing materials
  • Mixer tests and discharge trials at the cartridge testing device
  • Curing temperature curve
  • Viscosity measurement
  • Examination of moistness or solid body portion
  • Examinations to check the compatibility of a filling material and a certain packaging
Cartridge testing device
Cartridge testing device