We effectively and reliably fill
2-component Peeler cartridges with
different mixing ratios.

Fully automated filling and
assembling of materials, ranging from low
to high viscosities, into bottles,
cans, canisters, jars, or pails.

We fill sausages in almost all
variations, foil thicknesses, and
formats with powerful plants.

With reliability and maximum precision,
Lohnpack fills and assembles
TAH-universal (u-TAH) cartridges with
mixing ratios 1:1 and 2:1.

Lohnpack effectively fills and
assembles 1- or 2-component cartridges
made of aluminum or plastic.

We assemble 2-component
cartridges with powerful plants.

Filling tubes with Lohnpack always
pays off, whether the tubes are made
of aluminum, plastic, or laminate.

Consultation service

Our longstanding experience in filling and packaging is the basis for an almost unique expertise.

Contract filling and packaging at Lohnpack start with excellent advice regarding:

  • SBS cartridges
  • u-TAH cartridges
  • Coaxial/Peeler cartridges
  • Tubes (made of aluminum, plastic, or laminate)
  • 1-component cartridges
  • Sealed-edge pouches
  • Glass ampoules
  • Sausages
  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Canisters

Qualified and experienced employees give advice to implement the optimal packaging design. This applies to products and solutions that require a sales-boosting image at the point of sale as well as simple and more functional solutions that might just have to meet industrial and economical requirements.

Being experienced specialists in packaging, the staff of Lohnpack have profound market knowledge in the packaging industry and thus can also provide valuable assistance in search of the right packaging. Of course, we will always bear in mind the desired application, the available budget, and the chemical compatibility between product and packaging material.

Which packaging material is most compatible with the product? A sausage or a cartridge? An SBS cartridge or u-TAH? Does it have to utilize frontal filling or might it be necessary to be filled from behind? Will only a plastic tube provide the necessary storage stability or might an aluminum or laminate tube suffice?

Does the packaging match the material and its specific characteristics? Which criteria regarding storage and further processing must be met?

These and many other questions are answered unerringly by the packaging experts at Lohnpack. Due to longstanding contacts to the packaging materials industry, grown experience and extensive testing equipment, the filling and contract packaging specialist provides consulting quality that significantly sets it apart from other providers.

Small numbers of items:

Of course, Lohnpack also provides economical solutions for small quantities. Having a wide range of very different, neutral packaging material, we gladly fill small quantities for our clients, too. Once again, Lohnpack convinces with quality and performance.